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Established in 2002, we provide local support for your home, office, or small business.

Slides & Old Photos

We can take your old photos and slides and put them in digital format or print them out for you in the size you want! We make sure your slides are safe and sound either as digital images on a USB Stick, Disk or Hard Drive or print them out in any size from 6×4 all the way up to 8×10. Most of the images from slides will only look good in smaller sizes as the original image will lack quality.

We can also re-produce photos by scanning in your original printed photos and re-touch and print them again! We can also remove any small damage on a photo including bends in the photo, scratches and marks. If you want us to re-touch the photo to remove damage let us know!

Photo editing: We can offer photo editing such as changing or removing background, people or objects and can also remove dirt, damage or bends in the photo at an extra cost.

If you want to know more about this, contact us on our Contact page!