Support for your home, office or business

Established in 2002, we provide local support for your home, office, or small business.

We are back open

Our shop is now open for sales and services with strict COVID-19 Regulations enforced by the government. We are trying our best to follow regulations and keep our customers safe while offering you the same services and products we have available to us.

We have our shop front closer to the door to limit the number of customers in the shop and make it easier for you to stay safe. We will bring and products or services to the front counter for you. All our Computers, phones and tablets being repaired, before coming in and leaving the shop are wiped with anti-bacterial wipes before coming back to you.

If you see more than 1 person in the shop please make sure to wait outside at a distance before entering, this way you will keep yourself and others safe and not at risk.

Feel free to pop in and say hi!